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I'll be your friend and guide during your trip

A private tour with the same care and sincerity as if I were welcoming my best friend to Japan!!


2022 Miss SAKE Aichi 2nd

2022-2023 Walt Disney World Epcot Japan pavilion

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Hello! I'm one of the most travel-experienced guides in Japan. More than just a guide, I'll be your friend on this journey.

In school, I majored in airline studies and have worked in the international travel industry.

This inspired me to travel to over 45 countries and explored many parts of Japan. I've lived in Australia and the USA, and I've done homestays in four different countries. These experiences have taught me about various cultures and how they differ from Japan. Resulting in deep respect and appreciation for these cultural differences.


Being proud of my heritage, I have also studied kimono and tea ceremony and continue to learn more about them.


In 2022 I was Miss Sake, serving as a sake PR ambassador for the region.

Recently, I worked at Walt Disney World in the US as a Japanese Culture Representative and award for my service and sales there.

After COVID-19, I was called back from Japan and reopened a signature restaurant with my coworkers.

I was sharing Japanese culture all over the world through. After that, our Japanese restaurant won first place in WDW’s customer satisfaction survey less than opining a year.

I can provide high-quality service that is recognized by people all over the world.


Additionally, I've been a teacher at an international preschool. I love children and am very welcoming. After your tour and want  a dinner date with your partner, I would love to babysit for you!


My passion is dancing, especially Hula and Tahitian! I love to travel by walking or cycling and working on my physical strength.


With all my wonderful experiences and travels- I know this is my calling.

And I would love to share my culture and heritage with you! Let’s Go!




​Group tour or bus tour

*Good price(cheap)

​*Act as a a group


*Cannot really take care of each person

*Children aren't comfortable

​*Difficult to ask question

​Private tour

*Prices  and  experience vary

​*Some Japanese employees aren't proactive at work

(Because company takes most of the money, their salary is small)

​My private tour

*I(owner) will be responsible for your ​support from start to finish

*This company purposely has no employees (To maintain a consistent high level of service)

*Overwhelming amount of experence




You can contact me to use whatsApp, DM(instagram) or here. thank you.

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Thanks for submitting!

I appreiate for the encounter


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