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1day Tour
(Most recomemended and popular on this site)

☆Around 9-10hours

☆55000yen a group until 3people (including tax) 

more 4people 2000yen extra for each additional person

☆Using public transport(NOT including, around 1500yen per person)

​☆Admission fees NOT included(need cash)

☆Lunch fee is NOT included. But we can take lunch break.

☆Includes traditional Japanese souvenir per person​

​☆Recommend starting early morning to avoid the crowds


Fushimi Inari Shrine

It's a pretty famous spot that has been ranked No1 by tourist magazines for 5 consecutive year.

Let's learn about the culture of shrines with me here.



Arashiyama(bamboo forest)

It's one of kyoto's most impressive place. The 400M promenade is lined with tall bamboo trees, and is known as a spot where we can take a leisurely stroll through the quiet bamboo forest.



It's temple that every Japanese person has visited.

It's a popular tourist destination for Japanese people and is registered as a World Heritage Site.


​Please choose one of the three

Image by Sorasak


​Kiyomizu temple and Five-story pagoda

​This is a recommended area. Kiyomizu temple is a sacred Buddhist temple that was founded in 778. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Then, enjoy exploring the lovely alleys which are lined  with perfectly preserved traditional Japanese houses and building. There are a lots of street foods and souvenirs shops.

There is also a five-story pagoda. It's oldest wooden buliding in the world.


​Nijo Castle

​Nijo castle is very popular tourist destination because  tourists can actually get inside the buildings and feel the atmosphere of the Edo period. 

It's a UNESCO World Heritage site.

IMG_7777 2.JPG


Uji area

This is my favorite area. 

​We go to Byodo-in temple. It's famous for the Phoenix Hall drawn on a 10yen coin. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It's also the famous location of uji matcha tea.

​You can do sightseeing, eat delicious food and drink!

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